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WidePoint’s (WYY) ARCC Subsidiary Deploys Phase 2 of DOJ Crime Scene Management Technology Project in Delaware

WASHINGTON, Dec. 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — WidePoint Corporation (NYSE Amex: WYY), a specialist in wireless mobility management and cybersecurity solutions, today announced that its Advanced Response Concepts Corporation subsidiary released the Beta version of its crime scene management and evidence tracking system, deploys phase two of the U.S. Department of Justice technology grant with academic partner Delaware State University and its Department of Public Safety.

ARCC’s CONDOR system is a specialized solution that enables crime scene investigators to digitally document evidence found in the field, and to identify, label and track evidence throughout the chain of custody. This tablet-based system integrates embedded barcode or RFID-tagged evidence markers, provides for biometric attendance and tracking records at the crime scene, and is interoperable with the U.S. National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) compliance system.

Demonstrations of CONDOR can be viewed on ARCCTV YouTube Channel at In addition, WBOC, Channel 16, covered the testing of the system in a recent report, which can be viewed at

Daniel E. Turissini, CEO of Advanced Response Concepts Corporation stated, “We have delivered a solution that combines a proven technology with the best investigative techniques, allowing every investigator and department to work effectively and with complete confidence in the evidence chain of custody. We believe our solution is a true force-multiplier, at a time when the courts and the public demand ever greater accountability in the collection and preservation of crime scene evidence.”

WidePoint’s CEO, Steve L. Komar, added, “This is yet another example of our efforts to expand the reach of our industry-leading product offerings beyond the Federal space. We are excited to complete this latest phase of the DOJ technology project for these crime scene investigation support systems targeted for law enforcement agencies nationwide. We look forward to demonstrating the robustness of this product and meeting the needs, within and outside of the State of Delaware, of the priorities in addressing the needs of Public Safety professionals across the nation.”

About WidePoint

WidePoint is a specialist in providing wireless mobility management and cybersecurity solutions utilizing its advanced information technology products and services. WidePoint has several wholly owned subsidiaries holding major government and commercial contracts including, Operational Research Consultants, Inc., iSYS, LLC, Protexx Technology Corporation, Advanced Response Concepts Corporation and WidePoint IL. WidePoint enables organizations to deploy fully compliant IT services in accordance with government-mandated regulations and advanced system requirements. For more information, visit

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