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About Trader Power

Trader Power connects active stock traders with explosive small-cap opportunities that could powerfully impact portfolios. We put real power in every trade. Historically, the small cap arena has held some of the market’s most memorable winners, but it takes diligence to identify what might be the next success story. Of course, once these over-looked equities begin to get noticed, the climb to fair valuation can be exceptionally profitable in a very short time.

Trading small-cap stocks can be tricky. Trader Power gives traders an edge by identifying the companies we believe have true breakout potential. Whether it’s disruptive new technology, a market moving trend or surprise upside earnings – we’re convinced that featured companies are not only bargains, but also hold enormous potential for the future.

Traders can research these powerful ideas by using our Market Basics section. Market Basics provides tools to analyze companies based on fundamentals and technical analysis to better time your trades. We also include a stock screener to help you quickly find the next profitable trade.

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