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There are thousands of small publicly traded companies and it’s tough for these companies to get the attention of stock investors. Without the awareness of investors, even a company soaring in profits and increasing market share will have a stagnant stock value. Good companies should get the awareness they deserve. Through our powerful network of financial professionals, TraderPower services can help small-cap companies connect with their shareholders and move the investment community.

TraderPower introduces public companies to qualified U.S. and International retail stockbrokers, investors, analysts, market makers, and fund managers with corporate profiles, media materials and investor kits that actively engage the financial marketplace. Our services play a significant role in helping publicly traded companies overcome low visibility and attract a wider following of investors to improve their overall market valuation.

Creating awareness in the financial marketplace requires ongoing efforts. Our coordinated marketing plans can help maintain a company’s price-to-price earnings multiple at the top tier of its peer group, reduce volatility in the share price, and help build long-term investment horizons with both institutional and individual shareholders. We bring a broader perspective to our work, helping companies communicate their story in meaningful and uncluttered language.

Stand out as a company who truly cares for its investors! Promote transparency, integrity, managerial competence and establish a trustworthy connection to your investors!

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