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PURE Bioscience (PURE) Receives U.S. EPA Registration

Apr. 6, 2010 (Business Wire) — PURE Bioscience (NASDAQ:PURE), creator of the patented silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC) antimicrobial, announced today that it has received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for its SDC-based disinfectant and food contact surface sanitizer. The product will be marketed as IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense for Food Contact Surfaces™ (IV-7) by PURE’s sales and marketing representative, Richmont Sciences, LLC. An EPA Category IV disinfectant/sanitizer, IV-7 provides an advantageous combination of high efficacy, low toxicity and efficiency by rapidly eliminating dangerous pathogens, yet no rinse is required.

IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense for Food Contact Surfaces™ harnesses the broad-spectrum power of SDC for use on surfaces and equipment in dozens of settings including food processing plants, farms, food storage areas, restaurants, fast food operations, cafeterias, supermarkets, break rooms, schools, hospitals and other institutions, as well as in homes. IV-7 helps prevent cross-contamination in food contact environments and eliminates odors. In addition, the odorless IV-7 formula does not create irritating fumes, which is a particular benefit for restaurants.

Michael L. Krall, President and CEO of PURE Bioscience, stated, “Our completion of the rigorous six-year federal registration process to bring this much-needed technology to market will improve public safety protections in food processing, packaging, distribution and service. We are working diligently to register the product in all 50 states; however, because many food industry companies operate in single states or regions, we plan to begin selling IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense for Food Contact Surfaces™ on a state-by-state basis later this month as registrations are issued.”

“This product is a major breakthrough in the war against germs for every part of the food industry,” added John Rochon, Chairman of Richmont. “There has never been anything like it. From food processing all the way to serving food at home and in restaurants, this is going to change the way we defend ourselves against germs. We believe that the food processing industry and the food service industry are going to love this product, and that it will ultimately save lives. In the home kitchen, it’s going to change the way people protect their families.”

Unlike traditional alcohol- or bleach-based surface disinfectants and sanitizers, IV-7 requires no hazard or warning statements and carries bacterial kill times as quick as 30 seconds, compared with 10 minutes for competing products. IV-7 provides powerful protection against a broad range of microbes, including those of particular concern in food processing and kitchen areas such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Campylobacter jejuni, as well as resistant pathogens such as MRSA. IV-7 continues to kill bacteria for up to 24 hours after usage – yet, with its EPA Category IV toxicity rating, the lowest classification, SDC is also labeled for use in sensitive areas such as those used by children.

The newly registered disinfectant/sanitizer is the third offering in PURE’s IV-7 line of products. Last month, PURE Bioscience launched IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense™, an advanced disinfectant product initially targeted to janitorial and sanitation markets. Earlier in the year, IV-7 Water Purifier was shipped to Haiti for use in earthquake-ravaged areas. Donation of SDC in liquid concentrate form was made through Project Hope, and was sufficient to purify 40 million gallons of water for safe drinking.

Additional information about IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense™ and IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense for Food Contact Surfaces™ is now available at

Food Safety – A Serious Public Health Issue

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that foodborne pathogens cause 76 million illnesses per year in the U.S., resulting in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,200 deaths. Although Americans have come to expect such risks associated with meat products like raw hamburger, the proportion of outbreaks caused by seemingly innocuous fruits and vegetables is increasing. E. coli alone causes approximately 70,000 infections each year, and 5-10% of those infected develop a potentially fatal kidney complication called hemolytic uremic syndrome.

In addition to health problems, foodborne illnesses can also have a significant negative economic impact on businesses through food recalls and loss of consumer confidence. For example, Salmonellosis is estimated by the CDC to cost more than $1 billion in medical costs and lost wages annually.

About PURE Bioscience

PURE Bioscience develops and markets technology-based bioscience products that provide solutions to numerous global health challenges, including Staph (MRSA). PURE’s proprietary high efficacy/low toxicity bioscience technologies, including its silver dihydrogen citrate-based antimicrobials, represent innovative advances in diverse markets and lead today’s global trend toward industry and consumer use of “green” products while providing competitive advantages in efficacy and safety. Patented SDC is an electrolytically generated source of stabilized ionic silver which formulates well with other compounds. As a platform technology, SDC is distinguished from competitors in the marketplace because of its superior efficacy, reduced toxicity and the inability of bacteria to form a resistance to it. PURE is headquartered in El Cajon, California (San Diego metropolitan area). Additional information on PURE is available at

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