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Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN) Featured on Fox Business News

Dec. 30, 2009 (Business Wire) — Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (NYSE Amex:IDN) was featured on Fox Business News discussing how its Defense ID® access control product could have prevented the terrorist attack aboard an airliner in Detroit.

In the segment titled “Minimizing The Threat”, Cheryl Casone interviews Steve Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Intellicheck Mobilisa, and asks him how Defense ID could have prevented the attack on the Detroit bound plane, since the attempted bomber had identification.

Mr. Williams commented, “We would have scanned his ID and run the ID against multiple databases. He was previously turned away in London and as a result we could have used those databases, literally an unlimited number of data sources to validate that person and make sure they weren’t on a watch list, or a no fly list, or a wanted list for that matter. Just like a TSA officer, you would scan a drivers license or a passport and it would run a ‘bad guy’ check in about a second.”

When asked if the company is getting more interest in its product, Mr. Williams replied, “Absolutely. We have about 80 locations already in the US, and we are including more data sources every day. We are obviously getting more requests today, our stock is up 16%, and we speculate it is due to the interest by TSA.”

Ms. Casone asked Mr. Williams how quickly he could get a device to an airport if they called up tomorrow. Mr. Williams replied, “By the time they hang up the phone we can have a device to them. We have a national distribution channel of major vendors throughout the country.”

When Ms. Casone asked how this gentleman was able to travel from Lagos, to Amsterdam, to Detroit with a bomb strapped to his body, Mr. Williams answered, “You can add bomb detection machinery, but a bomb is a bomb, and it takes a bomber to detonate it. Whether it be a bomb or anything else, you have to screen individuals, that is the way you are going to catch the bad guy.”

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About Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc.

Intellicheck Mobilisa is a leading technology company, developing and marketing wireless technology and identity systems for various applications including: mobile and handheld wireless devices for the government, military and commercial markets. Products include the Defense ID system, an advanced ID card access control product currently protecting over 70 military and federal locations, and ID-Check, patented technology that instantly reads, analyzes, and verifies encoded data in magnetic stripes and barcodes on government-issue IDs from U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions for the financial, hospitality and retail markets.

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