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$GWPD Says that GrowPods May Help Farmers Reduce Financial Risk, Increase Quality Control

The ability to micro-manage crops in a Pod can help assure success by offering better control and risk mitigation

COLTON, Calif., Jan. 13, 2020 — GP Solutions (OTC:GWPD), the developer of modular controlled-environment micro-farms, says that GrowPods may help farmers reduce risk and increase quality control.

Crop failure can be devastating for large and small farms. Crop failure does not only occur in open fields – even in greenhouses and indoor cultivation facilities, crops can fail for a variety of reasons.

Weather certainly takes its toll on farms. Last Spring across the Midwest, torrential rains soaked fields, leaving the soil unsuitable for planting millions of acres.

Last May, the USDA announced that due to weather conditions, farmers had some of the lowest rates of planting in history. Some farmers declared a total crop loss.

Indoor farms are also susceptible to crop failure. Temperature, humidity, oxygen, watering and feeding cycles, and other factors need to be finely tuned to ensure a healthy crop. Additionally, male plants can accidentally pollinate and ruin an entire crop. And even in winter, some insects can find their way into a growroom and ravage a crop.

But with the GrowPod system, that risk is compartmentalized. Since the Pods are sealed, there is little chance of contamination. However, even if there is contamination, it can usually be contained within one pod and that risk is mitigated, causing significantly less damage than a crop problem could cost a producer who grows in a large open room or greenhouse.

With the ability to micromanage crops, there is a higher likelihood of success and better management of many potential issues that could be devastating in other growing conditions.

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