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$GWPD GrowPods Reduce Costs of Food Production and Stimulate Local Economies

New trend is “Growing Local” to provide fresher produce, reduce energy costs, and help eliminate contamination

CORONA, Calif., Oct. 21, 2019  — GP Solutions (OTC:GWPD), developer of “GrowPods” – proprietary, automated micro-farms, can significantly reduce transportation and energy costs associated with food production, and provide fresher, healthier food than traditional farming and distribution methods.

According to Brian Halweil, author of Eat Here: Reclaiming Homegrown Pleasures in a Global Supermarket, food travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate. Additionally, the longer foods are out of the soil, the less nutritious they become, losing on average 45 percent of their nutrition before being consumed.

Researchers at Iowa State University also looked at a typical meal and found it gobbled up 17-times as much energy in transportation as that same meal raised locally. Dr. Jennifer Wilkins, researcher at Cornell University, added that 20 percent of all fossil fuel use is just for getting food on our table.

The growing trend is to grow food locally. Placing a GrowPod near where food is consumed not only reduces transportation costs, but also uses 90 percent less water than traditional agriculture.

GrowPods provide year-round cultivation, and incorporate automated climate controls and optimized LED lighting to grow more plants per square foot – with yields up to 8 times greater than outdoor farms – while using just a fraction of the water. GrowPods also provide:

  • Portability – GrowPods can be set up virtually anywhere
  • Scalability – Expanding is as easy as adding additional pods
  • Security – Controlled access and entry notification
  • Pesticide and Bacteria Free – Sealed environment protects from contaminants and pests

The GrowPod Plug & Grow system is designed for easy operation – allowing users with all levels of experience to rapidly start growing nutritious, robust, and profitable crops. Perfect for entrepreneurs, farmers, schools, grocers, restaurants, and non-profits.

For information, visit:, or call (855) 247-8054.

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