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Gentex (GNTX) Mirrors Featured on New Jaguar

ZEELAND, MI — (Marketwire) — 12/07/10 — Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX), the Zeeland, Michigan-based manufacturer of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and camera-based active-safety systems for the automotive industry, commercial fire protection products and dimmable aircraft windows, has announced that it is shipping a three-mirror auto-dimming rearview mirror system with its SmartBeamĀ® High-Beam Assist technology for the all-new Jaguar XJ. Called “Auto High Beam Assist” (AHBA) by Jaguar, SmartBeam was introduced on the new XJ in the European and United States markets simultaneously. Jaguar Land Rover is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, Ltd. of India.

The new XJ features a three-mirror auto-dimming system. Base feature interior and exterior auto-dimming mirrors are standard equipment. Both the US and European markets offer SmartBeam as an upgrade option on the lower two trim levels and as standard equipment on the top two trim levels.

SmartBeam was introduced on the new XJ in the European and U.S. markets at launch in 2010. SmartBeam is also available on Land Rover’s Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport models.

“We are very pleased that Jaguar Land Rover sees the benefit of making our products available in the global market,” said Gentex Senior Vice President Enoch Jen.

SmartBeam uses a miniature camera-on-a-chip combined with algorithmic decision-making to automatically operate a vehicle’s high beams in order to optimize their usage according to surrounding traffic conditions. The system maximizes forward lighting while eliminating the repetitive task of turning the high beams on and off manually. SmartBeam is integrated into a Gentex auto-dimming mirror, which automatically darkens to eliminate glare from the headlamps of vehicles approaching from the rear.

To meet the growing demand for the Company’s product line, Gentex is currently working to fill approximately 140 manufacturing positions plus more than 100 technical positions, primarily in the electrical engineering and software development areas. Additional information is available at

Founded in 1974, Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX) is the leading supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and camera-based active safety systems to the global automotive industry. The Company also provides smoke alarms and signaling devices to the North American fire protection market, as well as dimmable aircraft windows for the commercial, business and general aviation markets. Based in Zeeland, Michigan, the international Company develops, manufactures and markets interior and exterior automatic-dimming automotive rearview mirrors that utilize proprietary electrochromic technology to dim in proportion to the amount of headlight glare from trailing vehicle headlamps. More than half of the Company’s interior mirrors are sold with advanced electronic features, and more than 97 percent of the Company’s revenues are derived from the sale of auto-dimming mirrors to nearly every major automaker in the world.

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