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(FCCN) Announces Launch of Market News Analysis Platform for Investors

Monitr provides a significant advantage to investors by uncovering the news and information, in real time, that are influencing markets and the equities that are most impacted positively or negatively at any given time.

Spectral Capital Corporation, (FCCN.QB), announced today that portfolio company Monitr has launched its financial market news analysis platform and service. The Monitr platform finds, aggregates and analyzes thousands of news articles and opinions daily, calculating the sentiment, trend and impact on equities, sectors and indices for each article or social media post in real time. The Monitr service provides analysis for over 7,000 publicly traded companies, major indices like the S&P500, Dow Jones and Russell 2000 and exchanges including the NYSE, Nasdaq and TSX.

Over the past decade, there has been an enormous increase in the production and distribution of financial news and opinion. The amount and flow of new information reporting and commenting on equities and markets has moved well beyond the consumption abilities of even the most advanced financial organization or retail investor. Monitr, leveraging the power of the cloud and its proprietary algorithms, aims to provide these investors and traders with the tools, data and services that will allow them to follow and analyze all the news, from all markets for all equities. Monitr users have a significant advantage by being able to uncover the news and information that are influencing markets and the equities that are most impacted positively or negatively at any given time.

The Monitr service is web-based making it easy to access from any desktop device or tablet. The service provides easy to interpret market visualization tools, competitor comparisons, portfolio management along with fine-grained analysis for equities, industries and sectors for the past 30 days. In addition to tools to follow, monitor and interpret market news, trends and sentiment, Monitr provides daily updates, real time alerts and signals via email and Twitter.

“Monitr is a very ambitious project and now that it is available to the public, it has the potential to be a game-changer for individual investors, as well as financial institutions and hedge funds,” said Jenifer Osterwalder, Spectral CEO. “The use of technology has become integral in making informed investment decisions, and Monitr provides groundbreaking analysis of what, up until now, has been an underutilized market signal – news and opinion.”

Immediate enhancements planned for Monitr include further development of the Monitr Rank algorithm, as well as refinement of the algorithms underlying the analysis of sentiment and the calculation of audience impact for news mentions. Enhancements to existing algorithms will bring even more precision to the analysis available on the Monitr platform.

“We know, based on early feedback, that Monitr is already an essential tool for professionals in financial markets. We are focused on making Monitr a need-to-have tool for every investor who strives to make data-driven investment decisions,” commented Dennis Lutsky, Monitr founder and CEO.

In addition to individual accounts, Monitr is available to larger financial institutions via customizable data feeds and on the web as Software as a Service (SAAS).

For more information and to sign up for Monitr’s free or paid services, visit


Spectral Capital (FCCN) is a publicly traded technology startup accelerator that invests primarily in emerging and fast growth technology markets. We offer shareholders an ideal way to invest in early stage startups with the added benefit of investment liquidity through public exchanges. We acquire companies that are developing technologies and solutions to challenging business problems and needs. Spectral guides and mentors each new venture, keeping them on track and focused on growth. Spectral Capital has offices and operations in North America and Europe.


Monitr is a technology and financial data services company. Monitr specializes in the analysis of news, opinion and social media to determine the aggregate sentiment and trends of equities, commodities and currencies across world markets. It offers these services direct to customers on the web as Software as a Service and via customized data feeds for financial institutions and hedge funds.


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