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(ETAH) Developing a Multi Channel Needle-Free Injection Device for Mass Vaccination

PHOENIX and VANCOUVER, B.C., Oct. 16, 2014 — Eternity Healthcare Inc. (OTC:ETAH), a medical device and diagnostic company with advanced technologies in Needle-Free Injection systems, announced today that it is developing a multi channel Needle-Free Injection device system for delivery of vaccines intramuscularly.

Currently vaccines are administered with a single use needle; these needles are not only painful for the patient but carry the risk of transmitting diseases such as Ebola and HIV. With this new technology, Health Care workers can vaccinate up to twelve patients with a single multi channel Needle-Free cartridge. With this new technology Health Care workers not only eliminate cross contamination of diseases, but cut in half the amount of time needed to administer vaccines; thus being able to vaccinate more people in the same amount of time.

Dr. Salari, President & CEO of Eternity Healthcare Inc., stated: “Eternity Healthcare currently has on the market the Comfort-in™ Needle-Free Injection System, this device is designed to deliver drugs and medications under the skin.” He went on to state: “Eternity Healthcare is currently developing an enhanced version of this Needle-Free Injection device. This new device will be suitable for multiple injections thus will be far more suitable for mass population vaccination.” Dr. Salari further elaborated, “With the recent FDA approval to use a Needle-Free Injection device to administration vaccines, such as Influenza, it opens the door for a large number of injectable vaccines, to be injected without the use of needles.”

About Eternity Healthcare

Eternity Healthcare or the “Company” (OTC:ETAH) is a healthcare company with technologies in medical devices and diagnostics. Our most advanced product is a needle-free injection system known as Comfort-inTM. Our products are sold to healthcare professionals, for use in physicians’ offices, pharmacies, and to consumers directly. More information on Eternity Healthcare, visit the Company’s website:

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