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(DAX) Recon Capital Launches the Only ETF to Track Germany’s

ETF Offers Highly Liquid Exposure and Low Cost to Blue-Chip German Stocks

Recon Capital, an investment firm and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) provider, began trading the Recon Capital DAX Germany ETF (NASDAQ:DAX) on the NASDAQ Global Market today. The ETF provides investors with access to Germany, the Eurozone’s leading economy, with broad and highly liquid access to leading German blue-chip equities at a total annual operating expense ratio of 0.45%.

“Germany continues to be among the most promising and compelling economies in Europe. As the trusted measure of German blue-chips, DAX is one of the leading indices for financial products in the world. For the first time, it underlies ETFs in three key financial centers in Europe, Asia and now the United States,” said Hartmut Graf, chief executive officer, STOXX Limited. STOXX Ltd. is the marketing agent for the indices of Deutsche Börse AG and SIX, including the DAX and SMI indices.

DAX measures the development of the 30 largest and most liquid companies on the German equities market and represents around 80 percent of the market capitalization in Germany. It currently serves as the basis for more than 135,000 financial products and is one of the largest underlyings for derivatives globally.

“Germany is the locomotive of Europe and, with the Recon Capital DAX Germany ETF, we are giving U.S. investors access to the German equity market which proved to be comparably robust in displaying higher returns and lower volatility levels than most of its European counterparts,” said Garrett Paolella, CEO of Recon Capital. “Recon Capital focuses on using its investment expertise and operational infrastructure to deliver market-driven, value-added products that meet the evolving needs of global investors.”

About Recon Capital Partners:

Recon Capital Partners, LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Recon Capital provides better investment solutions for institutional investors, financial professionals, and individual investors in a liquid, transparent, and cost effective manner. Recon deploys its strategies through several formats including its exchange traded fund platform. For more information, visit and

About Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse is one of the world’s leading data and technology service providers for the securities industry with a product and service offering for issuers, investors, intermediaries and data vendors. The Group covers the entire value chain from trading, through clearing, to settlement and securities custody. Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services encompasses the Group’s extensive market data offering and external technology and connectivity services. The product and service range includes real-time and historical data from the Group’s trading venues Eurex and Xetra as well as from cooperation partners. It also includes exclusive trading signals independent of its platforms such as economic indicators or macroeconomic news, reference data for more than 1,000,000 securities, approximately 10,500 indices including the STOXX and DAX index families, superior capital market infrastructure, and reliable connectivity services.

About Nasdaq:

Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) is a leading provider of trading, exchange technology, information and public company services across six continents. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, Nasdaq enables customers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using proven technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today’s global capital markets. As the creator of the world’s first electronic stock market, its technology powers more than 70 marketplaces in 50 countries, and 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions. Nasdaq is home to more than 3,400 listed companies with a market value of over $8.5 trillion and more than 10,000 corporate clients. To learn more, visit

Risk considerations

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Fund carefully before investing. A prospectus with this and other information about the Fund is available at or by calling 203-900-1400. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing.

The Recon Capital DAX Germany ETF (the “Fund”) is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-diversified, management investment company, pursuant to the Investment Company Act of 1940. An investment in the Fund is subject to risk, including the loss of principal amount invested. There is no guarantee the Fund will achieve its investment objective. The Fund’s shares may be more volatile than the performance of a broadly diversified portfolio. The Fund is not by itself a complete or balanced investment program.

Shares of ETFs are bought and sold at market price (not net asset value (NAV)) and can be acquired or redeemed directly from a fund at NAV in Creation Units only. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns. Market returns are based upon the midpoint of the bid/ask spread at 4:00 p.m. eastern time (when NAV is normally determined for most ETFs) and do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times.

Market forces may result in shares trading at a significant premium or discount to NAV. Although the shares are currently listed on an exchange, there can be no assurance that an active trading market for the shares will develop or be maintained.

The Fund’s performance is expected to be closely tied to social, political, and economic conditions within Europe and to be more volatile than the performance of more geographically diversified funds. An investment in European securities can be adversely affected by a variety of factors, among which are: restrictions on inflation rates, deficits, interest rates, debt levels and fiscal and monetary controls imposed by the European Union or European Monetary Union; historically high unemployment and significant debt problems in certain European nations; recently volatility in European financial markets due to concerns about economic downturns or rising government debt levels. Currently, a significant portion of the Index is allocated to securities of companies in France, Germany and Spain.

Recent events have adversely affected the exchange rate of the euro and may continue to significantly affect every country in Europe, including countries that do not use the euro. Changes in currency exchange rates and the relative value of non-U.S. currencies will affect the value of the Fund’s investment and the value of your Fund Shares. Because the Fund’s NAV is determined in U.S. dollars, the Funds NAV could decline if the currency of the non-U.S. market in which the Fund invests depreciates against the U.S. dollar, even if the value of the Fund’s holdings, measured in the foreign currency, increases.

The DAX Index and its related trademarks are proprietary to STOXX Limited. The DAX Index and the related trademarks have been licensed for certain purposes by Recon Capital. The Recon Capital DAX Germany ETF is not sponsored, sold, endorsed or promoted by STOXX Limited.

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