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(CAPA) acquires the assets of Movie Star News, LLC

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30, 2014 —¬†Capital Art, Inc., a publicly traded company (CAPA), has announced that it has acquired the assets of Movie Star News, LLC. The Movie Star News archive is believed to be one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of original Hollywood photography and contains more than 100,000 negatives and over 1 million original studio photos, including photos of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and other iconic Hollywood legends. In addition, the assets consist of the Irving Klaw archive of over 9,000 original camera negatives featuring Bettie Page. Bettie Page is considered by many to be the first pin-up model in history.

Movie Star News began in 1938 when photographer Irving Klaw struck a deal with the movie studios, then operating in New York City, to collect movie photography that was in great demand by Hollywood fans.  Klaw eventually began to create an archive of Hollywood studio original negatives from which prints were made for the media and adoring fans. The collection was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2012, and when the iconic store on West 18th Street closed, it was hailed as the closing of a New York institution by many national publications.

Irving Klaw is credited for creating the world of pin-up photography. He extensively photographed Bettie Page, who came to be known as the “Queen of Pin-Ups.” The Bettie Page Collection includes over 5,000 negatives, photographs, clothing and other invaluable props.

Capital Art, Inc. sells limited edition, fine art Hollywood prints featuring the Frank Worth Archive, the Movie Star News Archive and the Bettie Page Collection. The company also makes photographs available for publication rights through its agreement with Getty Images.

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