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Breakthrough for Kazaa Subscribers For iPhone and iPad Users

Mar. 7, 2011 (Business Wire) — Atrinsic, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATRN), a marketer of direct to consumer subscription products and an Internet search-marketing agency, announced today that subscribers to its Kazaa digital music subscription service are already entitled and can access the Kazaa music service on the iPad, iPhone and on Android compatible mobile devices by simply navigating to, without the requirement of downloading and installing a dedicated application. This exciting innovation allows Kazaa subscribers to immediately stream music via a broad range of wireless devices, and is especially significant in light of Apple®’s recent announcement that it will now keep 30% of revenue generated by new subscriptions and media purchases made in an iPhone or iPad application through its App Store.

The Kazaa digital music subscription service allows customers to pay or charge their subscription to a credit card, mobile phone bill or home telephone bill. “We intend to broaden access for our service with new and dedicated applications, so that the browser is not the only way customers can access our service,” commented Ray Musci, Atrinsic’s COO. “For Kazaa, Apple’s App Store is just one of many marketing and distribution channels we already engage in, with our primary objective of making it convenient and easy for customers to access our service.” Mr. Musci continued, “We have been carefully monitoring our users habits and interacting with them for several months while we build out and customize Kazaa’s products and services to better fit their needs. We intend to continue this practice with many new and exciting innovations to enhance our product and expand our direct marketing relationships.”

About Atrinsic and Kazaa

Atrinsic, Inc. is a marketer of direct-to-consumer subscription products and an Internet search-marketing agency. Atrinsic sells entertainment and lifestyle subscription products directly to consumers, which are marketed through the Internet. Atrinsic also sells Internet marketing services to its corporate and advertising clients. Atrinsic has developed its marketing media network, consisting of web sites, proprietary content and licensed media, to attract consumers, corporate partners and advertisers. Atrinsic believes its marketing media network and proprietary technology allow it to cost-effectively acquire consumers for its products and for its corporate partners and advertisers.

Kazaa is a subscription-based digital music service that gives users unlimited access to millions of CD-quality tracks. For a monthly fee users can listen to unlimited music files and play those files on up to three separate computers and download unlimited ringtones to a mobile phone. Unlike other music services that charge you every time a song is downloaded, Kazaa allows users to listen to and explore as much music as they want for one monthly fee, without having to pay for every track or album. Consumers are billed for this service on a monthly recurring basis through a credit card, landline, or mobile device. Royalties are paid to the rights’ holders for licenses to the music utilized by this digital service. Atrinsic and Brilliant Digital, Inc. jointly offer the Kazaa digital music service pursuant to a Marketing Services Agreement and a Master Services Agreement between the two companies.

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