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Ableauctions (AAC) Acquires Coal and Coke Producer SinoCoking

Feb. 4, 2010 (Business Wire) — Inc. (AMEX:AAC) (the “Company”) released a statement today about its acquisition of SinoCoking, a coal and coke producer based in central China.

“We are pleased to announce our acquisition of SinoCoking, a coal and coke producer based in the Henan Province in the People’s Republic of China,” said Abdul Ladha, Chief Executive Officer of, Inc. The closing of the acquisition is scheduled to occur at the close of business on February 5, 2010. Mr. Ladha further added “this acquisition has provided our shareholders with a unique opportunity to participate as equity holders in what we believe to be a company that has good fundamentals and growth potential as a supplier of products of vital economic importance within China’s fast-growing economy. Moreover, the transaction allows our pre-acquisition shareholders to receive the full liquidation value of our pre-acquisition business assets in addition to a 3% aggregate stake in the reorganized company to be renamed SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc. We are excited about the potential of SinoCoking to grow and build shareholder value.”

Mr. Ladha, who has served as Chief Executive Officer of Ableauctions since 1999, will step down as CEO on February 5, and will be succeeded by Mr. Jianhua Lv, who is an initial founder and current President of SinoCoking. In addition, on February 5, 2010, the current board of directors of Ableauctions will step down and be succeeded by seven new directors designated by SinoCoking.

Mr. Jianhua Lv, the incoming CEO of the Company stated “As a coal producer and coke manufacturer, SinoCoking has been a significant supplier of the vital commodities of thermal and metallurgical coal and coke to industrial customers such as power plants, steel mills and other industrial buyers in China since 1996. SinoCoking is a vertically-integrated processor that uses coal from both its own mines and that of third-party mines to provide basic and value-added coal products to its client base. SinoCoking currently holds mining rights for approximately 2.5 million tons of coal from mines located in central China. SinoCoking began producing metallurgical coke in 2002, and since then has expanded its production to become an important supplier to regional steel producers in central China. Coke, which is an essential ingredient in steel-making, is manufactured in SinoCoking’s on-site facilities by heating selected coal with certain thermal and chemical properties at extremely high temperatures in an oxygen-free environment. For the year ending June 30, 2009, SinoCoking produced and sold 154,631 tons of coke, 55,360 tons of washed coal, and 72,923 tons of raw coal, and generated $51 million in revenue from sales consisting primarily of these products. During its 2009 fiscal year, SinoCoking had audited net income of approximately $17 million on a GAAP basis.”

Mr. Lv went on to say “We produce essential products that power the industrial growth of China – coal and coke, and we see this moment as only the beginning of a long-term secular expansion. Currently, the demand from our customers significantly exceeds our current production capacity, and we think that demand from Chinese industrial purchasers will continue to increase. We are investing heavily in building our production capacity, and since we are a larger producer that utilizes advanced manufacturing processes with less impact on the environment, we enjoy strong support from the Henan provincial and local governments.

Although the Chinese government has recently taken steps to slow its rapid economic expansion, the Chinese economy is nonetheless expected to grow at an annual rate of approximately 9% per year for the next five years, according to government sources. Domestic steel demand is expected to grow at 10% per year over the same period. China’s demand for coke is expected to be approximately 4.5 billion tons per year in the following years, and as a nation it is now the largest producer and consumer of coking coal in the world. As a source of fuel, approximately 70% of China’s energy consumption is derived from coal, and as such it is regarded as key element of China’s energy policy and strategy. The Chinese government has also engaged in a policy of promoting consolidation within the coal mining industry, as larger operators have been determined to operate more efficiently, with consistently higher safety records and less environmental impact.”

“Coal and coke are fundamentally important products to the growth of China. We believe that SinoCoking can mine, produce, market and fulfill these products more effectively than many of our competitors. We also believe that right now, there is no better market in the world to operate and grow our business than China,” said Mr. Lv. “On behalf of SinoCoking, we are proud to complete this business combination with a U.S. publicly-traded company. Being a U.S. public company will put us in a position to attract the capital that our company needs to expand our operations, and create value for our shareholders.”

About SinoCoking

Top Favour Limited, a British Virgin Islands holding company (“Top Favour”), through its wholly owned subsidiary Pingdingshan Hongyuan Energy Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (“Hongyuan”), controls Henan Province Pingdingshan Hongli Coal & Coke Co., Ltd. (“Hongli”), a coal and coal-coke producer in Henan Province in the central region of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC” or “China”). Hongli produces coke, coal, coal byproducts and electricity through its branch operation, Baofeng Coking Factory, and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Baofeng Hongchang Coal Co., Ltd. and Baofeng Hongguang Environment Protection Electricity Generating Co., Ltd. (collectively referred to as “SinoCoking”).

For further information about SinoCoking, please refer to the Definitive Proxy Statement of, Inc. filed on Schedule 14A with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 27, 2009.

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