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Augme Technologies, Inc. (AUGT.OB) is “One to Watch”

Augme Technologies, Inc. offers cutting-edge media marketing platforms that enable the seamless integration of brands, music, video and other content with life through the power of today’s technology. Using Augme Technologies’ intuitive media marketing platforms, companies can quickly create, deploy and measure rich-media, interactive marketing campaigns across all networks and devices.

Augme’s unique services personalize the brand experience by delivering that experience to customers where they work, play and live. Through its three operating divisions, mobile marketing (AD LIFE™), video content delivery (BOOMBOX) and ad network provisioning (AD SERVE™), Augme connects brands and content to consumers in a way that enables companies and their marketing agencies to create new markets and monetize brand interactions.

Augme owns US Patent No. 6,594,691, patent No. 7,269,636, patent No. 7,783,721, and patent No. 7,831,690, which cover a two-code module system that enables any networked, delivered content to be customized based on end-user criteria. These patents cover indispensable distribution and delivery aspects of behavioral targeting advertisements and content delivery over the Internet and related networks and processor platforms. Today’s advanced behavioral targeting would simply not be possible without employing Augme’s intellectual property.

Following an extensive infringement analysis concentrated on the largest players in the business of targeted Web-content delivery, Augme Technology has determined potential infringement by the top six search engine, e-commerce and numerous other companies represent approximately $5 billion in discounted net free cash flow over the life of the patents without any continuations. Augme Technology’s patents are crucial to the facilitation of behavioral targeted ads and content utilized by these organizations.

In a recent press release, Augme Technology forecasted recognizable revenues will exceed $12 million over the next twelve months, based on an estimate that approximately 50% of current bookings will convert into revenues within that time frame. With a solid portfolio of innovative marketing services and the intellectual property in place to protect those services, the company is well positioned for further growth as the market for behavior based advertising continues to grow.

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